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Our relaxers feature leading hair care technology formulated specifically to meet the needs of all hair textures.

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Discover the power of Arosci relaxers, featuring cutting-edge hair care technology designed to cater to the unique needs of all hair textures. Our relaxers are formulated with the utmost precision, incorporating the remarkable Triple Action Protein Condensate to deliver exceptional results.

At the heart of our formula lies a powerful protein complex composed of Hydrolyzed Collagen, Cocoyl, and Potassium. This dynamic blend penetrates the hair shaft, replenishing lost protein and fortifying the hair from within. As the cuticle opens during the relaxing process, our Triple Action Protein Condensate works tirelessly to strengthen and revitalize your hair, leaving it resilient and healthy.

Arosci relaxers are versatile, catering to individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds and hair textures. Whether you desire a slight loosening of curls or a more dramatic transformation, our relaxers provide the flexibility to achieve your desired level of straightness. Our formulation is specifically tailored for coarse, resistant hair, ensuring optimal results for those with a unique hair texture. Please note that our relaxers are not intended for use on color-treated or bleached hair.

Embrace the confidence that comes with beautifully relaxed hair. Arosci relaxers are meticulously crafted to provide a neutral aroma, ensuring a pleasant experience during the relaxing process. It is important to note that our relaxers contain Sodium Hydroxide (lye), a key component for achieving the desired straightening effect.

With Arosci relaxers, you can trust in the expertise of our advanced hair care technology. Experience the transformative power of our formula as it replenishes protein, strengthens your hair, and helps you achieve the sleek, straight look you desire. Choose Arosci for exceptional results, innovative formulations, and a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our valued customers.

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