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Silky Curl MRC Cream Activator: The Ultimate Curl Enhancer for Natural Hair

If you have natural hair ranging from 3B to 4C textures, you know how challenging it can be to achieve defined, moisturised, and frizz-free curls. That’s why you need Silky Curl MRC Cream Activator, the ultimate curl enhancer for natural hair.

Silky Curl MRC Cream Activator is a light and non-sticky cream that activates and rejuvenates your curls, giving them volume, bounce, and shine. It is specially designed for curly perms and body waves, but it also works great on natural curls.

Unlike other curl products that dry out your hair or make it heavy, Silky Curl MRC Cream Activator is enriched with powerful moisturising agents that hydrate and nourish your hair from within. It contains panthenol, glycerine, and silk amino acids that condition, soften, and strengthen your hair, leaving it supple and healthy-looking.

Silky Curl MRC Cream Activator also helps you tame frizz and flyaways, giving you smooth and controlled curls that last all day. It works by smoothing and enhancing your natural curl pattern, creating the appearance of larger and more defined curls. It also protects your hair from harsh environmental conditions and heat damage up to 230°C/ 450°F.

With Silky Curl MRC Cream Activator, you can say goodbye to dry, dull, and unruly curls and hello to hydrated, lustrous, and confident curls. Whether you want to refresh your curls in between wash days or style them for a special occasion, Silky Curl MRC Cream Activator is your go-to product for curl perfection.

Silky Curl MRC Cream Activator is made with quality ingredients that meet the highest standards of performance and care. We believe in the power of natural beauty and strive to create products that enhance your unique curl expression.

Discover the transformative power of Silky Curl MRC Cream Activator today and unlock the true potential of your curls. Order now and get ready to experience the joy of silky-smooth curls that reflect your personality and style.


To use Silky Curl MRC Cream Activator, you can follow these steps:

  • Wash your hair with a Okhora Fenugreek Moisturising Hair Bath or Okhora Cleansing Co-Wash. Then follow up with Okhora Deep Moisturising Conditioner which is suitable for your hair type and texture.
  • Apply a generous amount of Silky Curl MRC Cream Activatorinto your hands and run through wet strands from root to tip. Apply more if needed, depending on your hair texture and curl pattern.
  • Define your curls with your fingersand allow them to air dry or use a diffuser or blow dryer to shape and style them. You can also use this product for double-strand twisting and braiding.

These are the basic steps to use Silky Curl MRC Cream Activator, but you can also experiment with different techniques and products to achieve your desired curl look

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