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All Ceris permanent colouring creams are made of Keratin Butter. There are 99 different shades in the Ceris colour series i.e. 10 Basic Tones, 6 Super-Lighteners, 5 Intensifiers/Correctors, 5 Intensive Natural, 5 Natural Warm Colours, 3 Super Meche.

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Additional information

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Application on Natural Hair

Ceris Hair Colour Cream mixed with Ceris Peroxide Oxidizing Cream in 10-20 volumes makes it possible to directly achieve all dark tones without re-pigmentation Ceris, with the additions of the right volumes of peroxide (20-30-40 vol), can lift more than 4 lightening tones, with direct application of colouring emulsion on natural hair.

Application on Coloured Hair

Ceris Hair Colour Cream mixed to Ceris Peroxide Oxidizing Cream at 10-20 volumes makes it directly possible to obtain tone on tone and darker tones, in the range of two tones through the application of the colouring emulsion . For tonalities darker than two Tones, hair must be treated with the re pigmentation colour support. Previous decapage is necessary for tones lighter than the existing cosmetic hair colour.

Application on Decoloured and Decapage Hair

When results cannot be directly obtained with use of desired hair colour, hair de colouring, if on natural hair or decapage for cosmetically dyed hair must be done. A de colourant must be used in both cases ( Powder or cream ) to obtain the new base hair colour best suited to the colour tonality selected for the results desired. Once the ideal de-coloured / decapage hair colour is obtained, use the selected Ceris Hair Colour Cream + Ceris Peroxide Oxidizing Cream at 10 volumes, diluted in 1:2 mix to achieve toning. (50gr Ceris Hair Colour Cream + 100ml of Ceris Peroxide Oxidizing Cream).

Ceris Super Lightener Range

The tones belonging to this line have extremely high lightening properties, if applied to natural light brown hair (limit for obtaining maximum lightening effect) can yield 5 tones of lightening. Mix Ceris Super Lightener + Ceris Peroxide Oxidizing Cream 40 volumes ration 1:2 (50gr. Ceris Hair Colour Cream + 100ml of Ceris Peroxide Oxidizing Cream 40 volumes)

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